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Stir Fry

Originated in China, Stir Fry is a process of cooking meats and vegetables in a Wok at high heat.  Many believe this process seals in flavor and preserves the color and texture of the dish.  We just know that delicious meals emerges from our Woks.

Our Mission:
“To create an innovative modern take on Asian cuisine by infusing various modern and traditional techniques from different Asian cultures with an end result of true fusion cooking.”

Popular Dishes


Plum Cafe Asian Grill Asian Food Serving Thai Vietnamese And Chinese


Lemongrass is one of many ingredients Plum Cafe combines to enhance the dish.  Marrying this ingredient together with others infuses the food with an enticing aroma.  Vietnamese Grilled Pork Loin shown above is one Vietnamese dish enhanced with Lemongrass.

Traditional Curries are wonderful, Thai Curries adds to these mixture of spice with fresh ingredients of Herbs, Chilies and aromatic leaves to form a paste.  Our Red Curry Chicken pictured above is a result of such wonderful ingredients. You can get this at Plum Cafe Asian Grill in Albuquerque.

-Serving Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese Cuisine-